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Posted By: MudGuard
03-Jan-19 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: 'Backfisch' -- was ist das ?
Subject: RE: 'Backfisch' -- was ist das ?
The German word for bell is "Glocke" with an e at the end. A Glock is a pistol produced by the Glock company in Austria (in the village of Deutsch-Wagram)

'Schneeglockchen,' I guess it means little snowbell,

Almost, it is Schneeglöckchen, with an o-umlaut.

But yes, Schnee is snow, Glocke is bell, and -chen usually means a smaller version of the attached word (like the -let in English - book vs. booklet)

Is Shakespeares Hamlet just a small piece of ham? ;-)

Joe, "backen" is often used for deep-frying as well as for baking. Especially in cases where dough (Teig) is involved (either meat/fish that is covered with dough, or as in "Krapfen" (doughnut) the dough is the main or only ingredient.