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Posted By: Jim Dixon
07-Jan-19 - 03:00 PM
Thread Name: ADD: I Remember Loving You(from Priscilla Herdman)
Subject: Lyr Add: I REMEMBER LOVING YOU (from G Keillor)
My transcription from the videos on YouTube. Click the links below to see them.

As sung by Garrison Keillor and Lynn Peterson on “A Prairie Home Companion” on May 31, 2014 {and Feb. 20, 2016}*

I look at my old suitcase; I think of all the places that I've been:
The cheap hotels with the cooking smells and the airports full of tired businessmen,
And the whispers of the women in the crowd as I go slouching through.
I remember all those things; mostly, I remember loving you.

The soft doorbell that I knew well when you came back after weeks you'd been away,
The night you came from a trip to Spain{Maine} on your way to Hong Kong{LA}, so you couldn't stay.
One night we shared and you said you cared and you'd come again when you were in Saint Lou.
Yes, I remember all these things, but mostly I remember loving you.

CHORUS: I remember loving you, back when the world was new,
And I think you loved me too; I remember loving you.

Well, the little towns I've walked around, the bars where I found shelter from the rain,
And the musty gloom of the waiting room where I sat waiting for the midnight train.
When the night is cold and at ten I'm told the train's expected in at half-past two.
I remember all these things; mostly, I remember loving you.

On these summer nights when the moon is bright and I can't sleep for all the memories
Of the joys we knew when we were two, living side by side in the gentle breeze.
I waved goodbye and softly cried as you disappeared from my view.
I remember all these things, but mostly I remember loving you.


And the winter streets where the frozen sleet comes soakin' through a couple layers of wool,
On a night I go to do my show in a theater that's about a{one} quarter full.
Some ragged strays and divorcees I stand on stage and tell my troubles{stories} to.
I remember all those things but mostly, I remember loving you.

{A friendship that became romance you hope becomes a friendship once again,
Ashamed to lose good feelings just because you hit a bad stretch way back when.
Life goes by so fast you try to hold on to what’s beautiful and true.
I remember all these things; mostly, I remember loving you.}


- - -
* Where there were significant differences in the lyrics, I put the newer words in {braces}. The last 4 lines are entirely new.