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Posted By: Mr Red
10-Jan-19 - 05:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: science surprises
Subject: RE: BS: science surprises
1) the signals from LIGO 1 & 2 (& soon VIGO in Italy) use the expected signal to tease out the signal from the noise! Not all astrophysicists (& statisticians) are convinced that the process is realistic. Think - trying to see vibrations that are 1/10000 the amplitude of the width of an atom when those atoms can vibrate more than their diameter, even near absolute zero. The jury is out still. And all detectors use the same algorithms.

2) there is a school of thought that thinks gold is "formed" in the immense pressures/temperatures in fissures in the mantle/crust. We can make artificial diamonds that are used in jewelry. Albeit yellowish. And make transuranic elements. The conditions kilometers below us are anything but benign, or achievable in the lab.

Just saying.

And so does the New Scientist.