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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
21-Jan-19 - 12:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: my cautionary tale
Subject: RE: BS: my cautionary tale
It is a tangled story, I had to take notes to sort it out. It actually is at least four stories:

Rich, misbehaving family gets what it wants but the storyteller escaped and remembered more later

Life and times as a piano student working within a department with good and not-so-good faculty

Episode of really poor teaching destroys a voice student's good voice, technique, and career

Bully professor gets his comeuppance when fly-on-the-wall accompanist speaks truth to power

Writer of this tangle of stories has moved on herself and is still sorting out the bits. It reminds me of a cartoon
in the New Yorker last week "Now playing, everything you said at the party" (link) to which several friends
responded with things like "not only the party, but the party from 30+ years ago." It's what we do, but since
we're the only ones who are probably holding onto that conversation any more, and the only one with this
particular perspective, no one else will miss it if you decide to let go of it.

I played with the line breaks so it wouldn't stray all over the page in this pseudo-abstract.