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Posted By: Helen
22-Jan-19 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: my cautionary tale
Subject: RE: BS: my cautionary tale
keberoxu, I think you are brave for sharing what you did.

I've been thinking about the question asked by the senior faculty member, in the context of what Jeri said:

"The 'senior member of the faculty' who asked you expected you to be 'truthful, and you were. Your opinion was probably not the only one he heard."

And also what Rapparee said: "Turned out the former President of the college had kept a drawer full of similar complaints without acting on them."

Quite often, in my experience, managers have been sitting on their hands, hearing rumours, listening to a whinge here and a whinge there, and not taking proactive steps to deal with a bully or someone who is acting inappropriately. It's more than likely, in my opinion, that your comments were not the only ones that the senior member of the faculty listened to, and this was probably not the first time he had heard that there was an issue. It's commendable that he acted appropriately with the information he received. It's not that common for people to stand up for what they believe is right, in management circles especially - in my experience.

When I and a couple of other people put in a formal complaint about a bully in another workplace, almost all of the managers freely admitted that they had known about this person's behaviour for over a decade but part of the problem was that no one else was prepared to stand up and put in a formal complaint and follow it through to the bitter end. Funnily enough, a whole troupe of people came out of the woodwork to submit their information to the investigators AFTER we started the process. The whole complaint/grievance process took nearly a year and a half to be dealt with, but we won in the end. We've also suffered the consequences from the bully's buddies who still work there. They still hold grudges against us.