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09-Feb-19 - 04:50 AM
Thread Name: Tune and singing style puzzle (Nick Dow)
Subject: RE: Tune and singing style puzzle (Nick Dow)
Howard makes a good point about the influence of art and popular music, this statement is borne out by the folk song collector in the Thames valley[ ALFRED WILLIAMS?] who recorded everything and noted that solo singers were singing glee songs that had previously been sung in groups.
another example ...CCE was formed in 1951, in Ireland to keep the music pure fromsuch devilish influences as fox trots and other popular music, another example the wicked barn dance
"barndances are likely to have come into Ireland at the time of their first popularity through commercial sheet music and the activities of professional dance teachers. In time they were danced and played traditionally, mixed in during a night’s dancing with older forms. As a dance form, the barndance is now almost obsolete in the Irish tradition, as are the related schottisches, flings, etc., and the distinction between these forms is now being lost. But their musical forms live on in the instrumental tradition because of the attractiveness of their melodies. While barndance melodies begin to appear in collections of Irish traditional music in the late 1920s, they had earlier and more influentially begun to be issued from the early 1920s on 78rpm commercial discs recorded by Irish emigrant musicians in New York and other American centres of Irish settlement.