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Posted By: Mr Red
10-Feb-19 - 05:28 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Help - mudcat broken in PC Chrome browse
Subject: RE: Tech: Help - mudcat broken in PC Chrome browse
I still have a copy of FF 34, (and IE11 and Opera 28 and even Safari 5).
Because the debugger works in FF34.
In FF59 the debugger has some annoying and, at times, show stopping habits.

Now: you could look at your history and see the URLs of those important pages, copy and paste to Notepad (eg) and save.

Then switch off and on, and start again with the URLs you saved.

And use FireFox.

Chrome, along with Goggle generally, does not like FRAMES because GoGGle find it hard to interrogate inside them and they want to know everything about you (anonymised of course).

(yea yea FF34 is old, but webmeisters can't know what people are using out there, so we have to check as many options as we can, or loose a few audience)