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18-Feb-19 - 09:22 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
This will appear a number of times until we move, with completed items marked X.

This one reflects the weekend's work.



Camryn and Brandon confirmed

Arrive home, look around, leave immediately for lunch or Ramada to make plan

GOAL: Most furniture comes in same day unloaded, straight to destination (ideal) or sewing room

BOXES to garage, in letter-designated areas, except for a very few labeled 1st-open, and those can stack on sideboard.


Bed delay? Alterrnative Ramada sleep?

Prep for rug to go down

Greg's cube to library

X Artwork up on walls
X Move drawers to closet
Clean room for new rug/furniture
BR curtains tied and pinned
Foam mattress ready for us w pillows

Sewing room - painted & ready for furniture & boxes

X Painting done
Brown curtain up

Repair outlet & add 2 flat-plug extension cords on wall adj BR

Cut-out stained carpet goes to dog corner!!! Other pieces for around rolling chair in sewing room—measure, then roll
Finish service dog vest


Clear DVR to be able to record hockey games while gone

Extension cord for desk power

FPH rough sort


X New toilet seat from garage


Laundry area

Neaten up laundry supplies; furniture may need to be wheeled to sewing room

Measure for cabinet depth/height

X Relocate alarm panel


Living room

X Purge wicker coffee table,
love seat & lamp table (need contractors’ bags)—stow under LL window

Clear sideboard top

Artwork up on walls


Kitchen boxes to sideboard (room divider of kitchen boxes)

Doctor visits:

X Glasses


Meds refilled
Soups waiting

Contractors’ bags

Power bars waiting
Burgers waiting
Bread waiting


Corners marked

Boxed decor in garage cleaned and boxed in plastic
Garage ready and labeled
Plan for Deere and blower
Chairs out into patio

Decide about picking stools
Mike or Dave ready
Stove gone
Lock up kayak


Patio cleaned up, pots out w rock/soil
Dog fence raised


Sewer dig neatened up
Wicker stowed
Brandon set to weed beds

Travel Amenities

X Car player loaded
Van cleaned out