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Posted By: Donuel
19-Feb-19 - 10:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I am an expert on knowing I am not smart enough to do certain things which makes me a genius for certain other things like seeing an obvious accumulation of higher dimensions which actually diminish in size. Sometimes they leak into my familiar 3 dimensions in such a way that make me aware of things at a distance I should not know about.
In other words we all live in higher dimensions but we don't have the senses to be clearly aware of them. We can see with instruments and math but we are not constantly aware of higher dimensions. A fourth dimensional alien could drive in four dimensions while eating his 4 dimensional omniburger while we sometimes get lost in only 3 dimensions when a street name is changed.

Enter Chongo the chimp. We know we have just 1% difference in our DNA compared to Chongo. Chongo is really smart but he rarely becomes more skilled than a human toddler ( no offense Chongo.) Enter Regulon "Reggie" who is an Alien who is only 1% more advanced in DNA and other things we can't imagine. Einstein would be like a toddler or even a 5th grader to Reggie. Still we live in higher dimensions and you may on occasion be aware of another you in those higher dimensions like Voldemort was aware of one of his living horcrux.

You should be able to do more remarkable things with a new awareness of time than you have been led to believe. Compared to Reggie however you probably will not be able to decode the universes.
String theory is like a pull toy for alien kids to Reggie. Perhaps Reggie's ancestors had to navigate in four dimensions to escape 4 dimensional predators but whatever made senses to see his world clearly we will never feel natural to us. What seems like a spark of madness to us may only be a normal Reggie moment.

Why should we care? I leave that for you to solve. It goes back to Plato.