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20-Feb-19 - 07:06 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
Re plastic sheeting, we had access in PA to one store we will miss a lot-- Surplus City. Far from having anything in common with the Big Lots chain you may be picturing, it's largely plumbing, electrical, automotive, tarps, fabric, and crafts-- housed in an enormous funky, dusty old pole building with a concrete floor.

One of our favorite finds there was the steel prison trays we used at Mudgathers and later gave, in pairs, to admiring friends and fam. (They were $1 each, and I have 8 left. So much fun to use at church potlucks.) Surplus City had hundreds, in stacks. Once. Another great item was the $5 metal ballot boxes; the 14" square by 24" tall size made wonderful dog food bins, and the 8" x 14" model held cinders for the worst ice by the back porch.

You never knew what treasures they'd have, and one day it was 54" rolls of plastic in various gauges, about 1/5 of retail price. I bought a thick-gauge roll to cover the sideboard I'll use in Ohio seasonally as my germination station. Over top of the plastic is a blue prayer shawl I received after my botched surgery.

I also used this plastic to cover our long kitchen table, which seats 6-8 people. In one of Greg's earlier rectories, it was the even longer DR table, and it matches a china cabinet; their finish harmonizes with the vast array of kitchen cabinets, so they ended up in there and the china cabinet now holds arty decor. A beloved vinyl tablecloth was starting to show wear with little rips, and I just won't give it up until I come across another pattern I love, so we covered it. (For state dinners, we'll roll up both layers and set the table with a runner, and enjoy the more formal look of the wood. It's also my everyday food prep table.)
I have another leaf bag started for Goodwill items. The boxes of "misc" are piling up as I unpack and come across items I'm not sure where to put (since our bookshelves aren't here yet). I'm going to whip thru those this week and donate about half, as we consult briefly on each item. It's so weird to actually have Greg around to consult with him!

Yesterday Yano and I cleared the remaining quarter of the cardboard crate our boxed, framed art had traveled in, in May. All the flat and shredded packing paper was kept to go back with us, to pack up the kitchen and last big framed art we left on the walls. (The crate box too, for the last frames to bring.) I was so impressed with Greg's composition, when he hung all his gold-framed ordination certificates last week, that I asked him to hang all the kitchen art we unpacked in the AM. When I came back from the Y, there it all was, beautifully displayed. Replacing the squiggles of curling ribbon I'd hung on nails the seller had left, to break up an ugly-painted section of kitchen wall. (The framed colors took away the ugly.)

We're unpacking this whole category-- items packed with shredded paper-- in the garage. All the mess never comes into the house (static cling and dust issues). Yano cleans each item of dirt-road-dust and dust bunnies that gathered while I was unable to clean, and none of that filth comes into the house, either. Yet to bring in are the boxed decor awaiting our shelving, but we'll unpack, clean, and rebox those next week. (Right now the boxes occupy the garage pantry we brought, which Brandon will move a few feet to its designated corner next week. I'm looking forward to ejecting some of the canned and dry goods clogging up my kitchen, very soon.)