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20-Feb-19 - 05:20 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
We did in fact plow thru the 3 large and 1 small Misc boxes, using the 5-second rule.

As we consulted, I was surrounded by boxes labeled for each room, plus garbage sack, recycle bag, and the Goodwill leaf bag. Each room's box went there once filled, and no room's items feel overwhelming now or difficult.

The last room's box contained items to operate on, which I did while Greg ferried the others; then that one went.

Then we hung kitchen art, and set four framed items on easels above the kitchen cabinets. Greg has a great eye, and I think making many of these choices is helping him feel more at home-- like a DIY episode of Merge.

Then we went ahead on a few trickier art projects, and added a hook to the back of his sewing room door. (That man has overcoats the way some women have shoes!)

The tricky art was hilarious-- we started with several framed icons that can only go in one narrow spot. I had planned rotating them seasonally... but then last week, in the damp garage, I found the calendar they'd all been taken from-- hidden by Tyler-- with seven more. So we went thru these, noting that the watercolor-type paper they're printed on had resumed its flat shape with water stains only on the edges the matte will cover-- I'd laid the mess flat on the kitchen table, and our HVAC restored them.

So we went thru those, and kept the ones we both liked that will fit the ONE available, large frame. We bagged these in a leftover clear plastic bag, and taped that to the back of the currently-framed icon! This packet disappeared within the back of the frame's profile, stabilized with mortite to prevent sagging. And so we hung it up. One large statement frame.

He liked the 2nd framed icon, and claimed that for the sewing room, so it went there to await a hanger on its back.

A third hangerless (and much smaller) icon went on the same wall, but over the high shelf above the framed icon; it floats above the top shelf, luminescent, because unlike the others, metallic paint was used and the whole base layer is pearly, pale blue (Ukrainian Orthodox style). Other items on the top shelf are spaced around that Ukie St. Cyril as if he were standing on the shelf, but he ethereally floats. (The good friend who gave it to us will love it when we send a photo!) The shelf also includes two Madonnas (more are coming for a suitable odd-number collection).

The ones we didn't personally care for were bagged in a similar leftover bag-- I suspect some appliance had come in these-- and added to the Goodwill bag.

On the LR art wall, space remaining will be dotted with tiny shelves holding decor or statuary Greg will choose as we get into the remaining decor boxes, and he can decide where most of the rest will go for display, once our shelves arrive.

It's so cool to be doing this layer of decorating BEFORE the walls get hard to access because bigger furniture is coming to replace MudDorm items.

It's also cool to see him manifest what I've envisioned in these spaces, and love it, and add all these with his own decorating eye. He composes spaces less symmetrically than I tend to do-- that's a challenge my matchy-matchy upbringing can't quite bridge, but I love it once I see it, and can add items in balance from there.