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Posted By: Senoufou
25-Feb-19 - 08:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
Subject: RE: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
That is most interesting DMcG. Do you mind my asking if your relative has had surgery/hormone treatment, or has just changed their appearance in various ways to present as a female? I'm glad she is happy now, and feels complete in herself.

I would not want anyone to be unhappy in themselves, and have no problem at all with how anybody wishes to be seen and known in society.
We often chat to a transgender person (man-to-woman) called Ariel, who serves at the checkout in a store we sometimes visit. She is very sweet, most polite and helpful but a bit shy.

I just have problems with, for example, sports contestants entering a competition as a woman, but with all the musculature and strength of a man. To me this isn't fair. The sexes have always entered sports events segregated by sex, because as is obvious, males are stronger.

I'm also very uncomfortable with men self-identifying as women and demanding admittance to changing rooms and toilets specifically designated for females. This is dangerous and is an invasion of female privacy and security.
I have no children, but I'd be very averse to my child desiring an operation or hormone treatment at a young age. I would have no worries though if he/she wished to cross-dress, present as the opposite sex etc.
Eighteen is soon enough to undergo such drastic and irreversible changes.