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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
25-Feb-19 - 01:22 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

Weather, paint sensitivity and inertia = no wifi yet. But I happily sit in LR on sofa that is to go upstairs eventually... and use the unlimited. Two days the roads were bad so I stayed in the city and suffered no computer. Sat we went to an auction --- with the usual result! All manner of junk AND a very nice washer dryer set (Maytag in burgundy!)which will eventually make its way here! Prob today!

The auction was #$%^&* otherwise. We went because R wanted to bid on a handcarved wooden eagle! It was an inch taller than our nine foot ceiling! And went for almost $3000! I am SO glad he did not get the eagle!!!!!!! It was an amazing piece but I would not be fond of a vicious looking eagle, even with two eaglets...

The trouble, as usual was the tail of the auction when there was all manner of STUFF left and the auctioneer kept saying, "deux piece (two dollars), Robin?" and "Where's Robin?" And I ended up standing there shouting "NO!" Won a few, lost a lot and now there is a carload of stuff to sort and, mostly, take to thrift shops. But not until is is warm enough/not snowing/raining and the drive is not a sheet of ice... That piece that snuck in last week is still here, also due to weather.

But I am looking forward to washer/dryer and have hopes of a frig in my future - maybe this week? Meanwhile, Thomas is, "as we speak" painting the K and pantry - ceilings white and walls cream. And I picked up paint chips for possible colours for R's office. Thomas is a painting maniac (Very sweet and lovable) and needs to be fed - painting work!! He also does other things so when he calls and says, I can... I can get more done!

The LR has a white ceiling and pale grey walls. The grey is Ok because there are big windows: S, W (2), N! And there is a very attractive trim around the top that would be challenging to paint up to. Once the furniture is in, there will be much walnut and mahogany not be so much grey.

There will be NO "big move". Inch by inch... Some major furniture will stay at the city house until it is sold. I am content with what is here and the promise of a frig soon, maybe this week? In the meantime, I am enjoying a warm, attractive, light-filled house, when weather permits.

I need to go back to Beaver soon and need to watch the weather for a break to go, and then return. This is needful.

As for the vinyl: A good idea but not for me. I already had to leave home due to paint fumes. I use as little plastic stuff as possible.