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Posted By: Steve Shaw
25-Feb-19 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
Subject: RE: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
The spelling is antediluvian.

It's good to see the likes of Jim, meself (not me, though I share his views, but the person of that soubriquet) John P, Jeri, Mrrzy and DMcG giving their sane, modern views about a topic that all too easily attracts the yah-boo-you're-just-being-PC knee jerk brigade. These people are increasingly being left behind on all sorts of things, homosexuality, gay marriage, race, HIV prejudice and the subjugation of women. Ignorant gender prejudice is another such. If you think that XX vs XY is the alpha and omega of this, or if toilets worry you so much, you need to get real, and get a bit more educated. There's no mild way of putting it. You are part of the problem, frankly.