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Posted By: GUEST,Ray
11-Mar-19 - 02:03 PM
Thread Name: Best Guitar for UK folk club?
Subject: RE: Best Guitar for UK folk club?
As I said, ask 100 guitarists .......

I would agee that todays Martin and Gibson guitars (never really rated Taylor) have been overtaken by cheaper options which is why, in more recent years, I’ve always opted for the boutique builders. (I’ll have to admit it, for me, available space is more of a problem than price)

As for Yamaha, there are Yamahas and Yamahas. (I started with one of the old red label FG180s. Laminated (plywood) top and, if I hadn’t sold it and if the bloke I sold it to hadn’t stood on it whilst it was propped against the back of the stage, I expect it would have sounded the same today as when I bought it for £27 10s in 1970.)

There is the APX range. It’s their cheapo option; I think they all have electronics, and I’ve never played one acoustically that I’d give house room to. Then there was one I played at the trade show or, to be more accurate, I took out of its case as the rep was setting up his stand at a trade show. It had, clearly, not been out before. It was well set up, one of their hand built creations and I noticed that its serial number was actually No.1. I tuned it up and it sounded awful.

The last time I went out with someone to buy a “cheap” guitar he ended up with one from a maker I’d never heard of LAG. Good set-up, played nicely in tune all the way up the neck, good sound and plenty loud enough. Proves the point, at lower price points, ignore the names and use your ears.