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Posted By: Bill D
15-Mar-19 - 11:53 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Amos Jessup - 14 March 2019
Subject: RE: Obit: Amos Jessup - 14 March 2019
Amos stayed here a few days after his visit with gnu... we took him to the local guitar store, fed him Rita's spaghetti, debated Life, the Universe and Everything.
   Here on Mudcat, Amos & I debated, argued, teased each other and speculated (sometimes genteely, sometimes pointedly) about whether the **mind** existed apart from the body. He ragged me about being locked into the idea of "meat space", and I asked him pointed questions about the metaphysics of 'consciousness apart from physical being'....
   I guess now HE knows the answer... one way or the other.
If HE was right, I expect to hear from him soon... I'm waiting.

????? so long, buddy...