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Posted By: Janie
15-Mar-19 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Amos Jessup - 14 March 2019
Subject: RE: Obit: Amos Jessup - 14 March 2019
Reeling, even more than I thought I would when I "thought" his time would come.

I will say that as devastating as it is to have lost my dear friend so suddenly, I'm kind of grateful he did not endure the ravishing suffering that so many other of my family and friends have suffered during the lead up to dying from cancer.

We will never know what killed him, but it probably was not directly or immediately related to either the cancer or the head injury. His primary care physician, on being described the brief symptoms he experienced in the several hours before he died, speculates it may have been an embolism. It also appears he died peacefully, in his sleep, while napping in his recliner.

I hope this doesn't strike folks as macabre for me to share, because I think Amos would be quite pleased, or at least quite amused to learn that in death, he bore a remarkable resemblance to Merle Haggard.

Amos was a good friend for a number years, and after he, Daly and Tucker moved here, we came to regard each other as family. I love all of them deeply.

My favorite memories will be of suppers or lunches around Dani's, my, or the Jessup's table. Lively and fun and sometimes very serious conversations - always really open, fearless conversations - no need to hide behind a protective social mask of who we either think we should be, or who we believe others think we should be. Radical, loving acceptance of one another.

Often the evening or afternoon ended with music. Icing on the cake. When at my house, nothing delights me more than to put food away and clean up the kitchen while listening to good friends and family swap songs or fiddle tunes. The music is what brought us together to begin with, but it was the deep and enduring friendship that mattered most.

All of us fear the prospect of suffering during the process of dying. Some people fear death. Amos did not. Like Bill, I'm a bit skeptical about any 'afterlife', but who knows? I know there was a big part of Amos that had some conception of the death of this body as a stepping-off place to opportunities for other fine and creative adventures in consciousness.

I'm going to miss and mourn Amos deeply and for a long time. So grateful to still have Daly and Tucker in my life.

I've said too much and probably shared more personally than is appropriate. Selfishly, I needed to share this somewhere, and here on Mudcat feels safer than on Facebook.

Thanks for listening.