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Posted By: Bobert
17-Mar-19 - 10:50 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Amos Jessup - 14 March 2019
Subject: RE: Obit: Amos Jessup - 14 March 2019
I don't come here often but tonight I felt I had to... A-Mess and I had a special relationship... When I first arrived at the Getaways he and I would venture off to where he could brew us French press coffees... I would call the P-Vine to tell her I arrived safely but rather than tell her myself I would hand the phone to him with no warning and let the two of them figure things out... He came to visit us in Wingate, NC and stayed an extra day just to hang out and played songs night and day frot two days solid only to stop to eat or use the bathroom... A-mess was a pesky kinda lovable musician... Just when ya' thought you might actually have a meaningful conversation about the meaning of life with hin he would be off on another song... It was songs, songs and more songs... I remember having lunch with him in Hillsborough at some cafe and found out what he really did for a living... It was that day that he told me that he was looking at some monsterous sailboat that he had looked into and I told him that if he needed a first mate that I was his man... He said, "We'll talk"... That was the first time I realy had an opportunity to peer into his other life... You know, the one that didn't involve a guitar... I don't know what to say... I am having trouble processing this... I go from denial to, "Oh my God" sometimes in a matter of minutes... What really bugs me is that we did something at the Getaway and A-Mess was supposed to play lead guitar and he was all over the place and we were walking back to the PEACE CABIN and I said, "Man, you kinda sucked in there" and he said "So did you" and so we had a good laugh I remember putting my arm around him and he me as we walked back to PEACE CABIN telling each other how bad we had just sucked... It doesn't get any better than that... A-Mess, old buddy, you might have done this your your way but you sho' nuff did it too early... Love ya', brother... Gonna miss you terribly...