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Thread Name: The Dead Brexit Plan Sketch
Subject: RE: The Dead Brexit Plan Sketch
Even funnier AND TRUE:

”The Deal” by The Bruges Group:

On Monday July 9th 2018, several leading French, German and Dutch senior managers were called by EU officials to an urgent meeting.
The meeting was said to be private and those present were informed that Prime Minister May and Chancellor Merkel had reached an Agreement over Brexit. Knowledge of this was attained from the actual transcript of the meeting between May and Merkel.
1) The Agreement was couched in a way to 'appease' the Brexit voters.
2) The Agreement would enable May to get rid of those people in her party who were against progress and unity in the EU.
3) Both Merkel and May agreed that the likely course of events would be that UK would re-join the EU in full at some time after the next general election.
4) May agreed to keep as many EU laws and institutions as she could despite the current groundswell of 'anti-EU hysteria' in Britain (May's own words, apparently.)
5) Merkel and May agreed that the only realistic future for the UK was within the EU.
The original Agreement draft was completed in May 2018 in Berlin
and then sent to the UK Government Cabinet Office marked 'Secret'.
NB This Agreement draft was authored in the German Chancellor's private office.
The Cabinet returned the Agreement draft with suggestions, and there was some to-ing and fro-ing during June 5th 2018.
Private calls between the Prime Minister and Chancellor were made.
The Agreement's final draft came out late in June 2018. The German Chancellor told Prime Minister May that this was a deal she would support, though there would need to be some more small concessions by the UK to keep the EU happy.
The Chancellor and Prime Minister met in Germany. Merkel had this meeting recorded as a 'private meeting' though the Prime Minister was probably unaware of that.
The Chancellor had the transcript of that meeting circulated secretly to EU and key German embassies.
Documents make it quite clear that Prime Minister May was negotiating with Germany, not the EU.
The transcript also makes it clear that the Prime Minister intended to keep all this secret from minsters, especially the Government Department set up to oversee and negotiate Brexit.
She wants to keep as many EU institutions in UK as intact as possible in order to facilitate an easy return to the EU after 2020.
Chancellor Merkel briefed May on tactics to force Cabinet approval.
The Prime Minister and senior civil servants were working with Germany to stop Brexit or water it down to prevent free trade and the ending of freedom of movement, but to keep cash flowing to the EU.
David Davis was kept in the dark while key EU premiers in France, Holland and Ireland were briefed in full.

Alternatively there is always:

British Jobs Destroyed by the EU

In answer to the 'business' leaders wheeled out by Theresa May in support of her dirty deal, it might be a good time to look at the swathes of British industry lost to this country in recent years.

Cadbury moved factory to Poland in 2011 with an EU grant.

Ford Transit moved to Turkey in 2013 with an EU grant.

Janguar Land Rover (in 2015/16) agreed to build a new plant in Slovakia with an EU grant. Owned by Tata, the same company that trashed our steel works and emptied the workers' pension funds.

Peugeot closed its Ryton plant (formerly run by Rootes Group) and moved production to Slovakia with an EU grant.

The British Army's new Ajax fighting vehicles are being built in Spain using Swedish steel, at the request of the EU in an effort to support jobs in Spain. Wales was the alternative. Again, this is with an EU grant.

Dyson has gone to Malaysia, with an EU loan.

Crown Closures, Bournemouth (formerly Metal Box), which once employed 1,200 people, went to Poland with an EU grant.

M&S manufacturing went to the Far East with an EU loan.

Hornby Models is gone. In fact, all toys and models are now gone from the UK, along with the patents, all with EU grants.

Gillette went to Eastern Europe, with an EU grant.

Texas Instruments, Greenock, went to Germany with an EU grant.

Indesit at Bodelwyddan, Wales, relocated with an EU grant.

Sekisui Alveo planned to move production from its Merthyr Tydfil industrial Park foam plant to Roermond in the Netherlands, with EU funding.

All done BEFORE the EU referendum. So the UK as second largest net-contributor to the EU's coffers means that the British Government pays British money to the EU so that through EU Grants and Loans businesses employing British workers are encouraged to relocate outside of the UK - This is what the EU is really about.