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Posted By: FreddyHeadey
20-Mar-19 - 08:26 AM
Thread Name: The Dead Brexit Plan Sketch
Subject: RE: The Dead Brexit Plan Sketch
Thanks Vic.
I enjoyed that.

Do we all have a big tendency to read and believe only what we want to believe!?
I think I do.
I was very unsure\unhappy about psssst's claims of EU money for Ford.
So I found this instead

"... In 2012 Ford did receive a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB), an EU institution, of around£0.150 billion for a factory in Turkey.
The loan was not to relocate, as Hannan says, though it occurred around the same time as Ford chose to close its factory in Southampton.

As such, the loan stirred controversy in local newspapers. But it should be put in context of EIB lending in Britain, which was worth around £6 billion last year.
EIB loans fund projects like Crossrail and the Midlands Metropolitan Hospital in Birmingham.
Notably, the bank lent Ford £0.450 billion in 2010 to develop a new generation of greener vehicles in the UK.

That is on top of the £13 billion in EU structural and investment funds that we are due to receive over the current 7-year budget period.
In addition, we are the second-largest recipient of EU research funds, which benefit companies like Ford, Marks & Spencer and JLR."