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Posted By: leeneia
20-Mar-19 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Social lies we believe
Subject: RE: BS: Social lies we believe
Yes, meself. That "no pain, no gain" thing is really stupid.

Most of the time, when kids are being worrisome, the parents are not around. In the retail store where I used to work, I hit on a great formula. I'd approach the kid and say sternly, but not meanly, "Where's your mother?" This would send the kid haring straight back to Mama. Problem solved.

Now I believe I would say "Where's your family?" since the kid is just as likely to be with Grandma or some nanny.
I was in a parking lot recently when I heard a young mother in stupid shoes calling frantically to her three year old boy, who was dashing toward me behind parked cars. I spun around, caught him around the chest and said, "Mommy's calling you. Go to her." He did, and the mother called "Thanks!" Ahead of us, a Hummer went into reverse just where the boy would have been running.

I mention the shoes because when you're the mother of a toddler, you should wear shoes that let you run and catch him.