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Posted By: Jim Carroll
21-Mar-19 - 11:17 AM
Thread Name: UK 60s Folk Club Boom?
Subject: RE: UK 60s Folk Club Boom?
"Come on Jack - he's an old guy going on the way old guys do on a very minority website."
C'mon Al
I've never been insulting to you - what's the problem with you peole? Yo whinge and run to sitr when somebody insults you yet have no problem at stooping to ageism when you can't get your way
Come back ewhen any of you can come back with a definition you can describe and agree on or produce anything resembling a track record in folk song
Al personal abuse proves is that you have run out of intelligent answers
hame on you Al - I really did think you were above this shit

"Jim, it is just your opinion."
Stll not found the balls to back up yours Dave - I have given you my reasons
"The worst thing we can do with these songs is not to sing them"
Amen to that - I believe Martin sings many songs people have described as "unsuitable long ballads" - many of them are "rustic sepia" according to our ageist friend
People need to read what Martin has written on the songss you people are happily stamping out of existance