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Posted By: Jim Carroll
21-Mar-19 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: UK 60s Folk Club Boom?
Subject: RE: UK 60s Folk Club Boom?
"aying someone has no balls is perfectly acceptable. Funny old world init!"
I could have said no courage if you prefer Dave - that's certainlyt what iI meant and, given your lack of response, is true
AAl's was a reference to ade,suggesting that those who grow old become incapable of thinking yet this "old guy" has run rings around you lot
None of you have an agreed definition, you haven't the b... whoops courage to dispute my comparison between your chosen songs and real folk songs
Of course you have no need to bsack up or justify anything Dave - you have no need to post to this argument, but as you do, unless you do your arguments are meaningless
Anybody can say what they want without justifying it - that's not discussion in my book

"You weren't paying any attention to the points I made."
I've responded to every single point made here - carefully and at length and, unlike you, have at no timed descended tp personal abuse, certainly not to the level you have
You don't want response - you want unconditional surrender without offering anything of your own
You are the ones who are basing your arguments on personal taste, with more than a little self interest thrown in
You call your music "folk" yet despise real folk music as "rural sepia"   
People don't need to read this sight to know what I say and think - my ideas are far too well documented for anybody to have to talk my word for anything
You really should be ashamed of yourself or at the very least apologise for your disgusting display of ageist intolerance