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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
21-Mar-19 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: UK 60s Folk Club Boom?
Subject: RE: UK 60s Folk Club Boom?
So, saying someone is an old guy, when that is true, is an insult. But saying someone has no courage, when that is not true, is acceptable? Still a funny old world.

I have no need to justify my opinions because they are just that. Opinions. I have formed them in the same way everyone else does and find the constant need of some to try and prove that their opinions are the correct ones tiresome and indicative of insecurity. But that is, of course, just my opinion :-)

I am at a loss as to what we are trying to achieve here, Jim. I am happy in my folk club world. You were not happy with it so you found another that you are happy with. We are both happy with our own lives. The tradition is safely in your hands and blooming in various folk clubs as mentioned by a myriad of people in here. New songs and new artists are encouraged. It is win/win. Just what are we arguing about?