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Posted By: Jim Carroll
22-Mar-19 - 06:15 AM
Thread Name: UK 60s Folk Club Boom?
Subject: RE: UK 60s Folk Club Boom?
"Could I remind everyone that this was posted by the only person"
As I haven no idea what the posting was, whether I was to responsible for it why it was removed, I am not even prepared to discuss an undefined accusatuion such as this
Could I remind you of your silent acquiescence of a statement that writes off the music we are discussion as "unsuitable long ballads" and "sepia rural"
For all the lip-service and declared respect from singers, club organisers and researchers, there has not been a sigle outtcry of opposition to this blanket condemnation of folk song - not from you, not from anyone - even when it has just been repeated - a deafening silence from all
We protest about only the things we care about, it seems