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Posted By: Helen
27-Mar-19 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: Obit: farewell message from Amos Jessup
Subject: RE: Obit: Amos Jessup farewell
Indeed Bonnie, a voice from the grave. I had to stop to dry my tears a couple of times as I read this farewell from Amos.

And from musicians past, a tribute:

O'Carolan's Farewell to Music - Derek Bell

One of my favourite pieces of O'Carolan's music which I believe that he composed and played near the time of his death on 25th March 1738, and reinterpreted here by another late great musician, Derek Bell who passed 17 October 2002.

A more traditional interpretation by Patrick Ball which is closer to the version I have on CD by Derek Bell.

Amos arrived here at Mudcat two years after I did. As I said in a previous thread, he has been one of my favourite Mudcatters almost from the moment he arrived. He and Mudcatters like him is the reason that Mudcat is more than just a place to type and post words on a virtual page. Mudcat is and always was a loving, caring international community focused on the love of folk and blues music. Mudcat transcends the distance across continents and forms a powerful bond which is difficult to fully describe.

I never met Amos in real life as I have never left Australia but it doesn't mean that I never knew him and his wit and humour, his love of people and his love of folk songs and singing.

That Mudcat music tavern session in the sky is growing year by year, and I think that Amos is up there having a great time. When my time comes - hopefully not for a while yet - I know that I will be looking for that session and that next phase after this life on earth and I will be meeting Amos and all the other Mudcatters who have gone before.