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Posted By: Jim Carroll
31-Mar-19 - 07:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
Subject: RE: BS: Spring is here
I was sorry to lean that Senofou had left, even though she and I had had numerous head-to-heads - I'll miss her gentle touch

In fairness, a Mod made it clear about here leaving and her attitude towards the 'mean boy' referred to
There are few 'mean boys' on this forum and those there are are far worse and more easily spottable than what was said here
Just wanted to put the record straight -

Subject: RE: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
From: Stilly River Sage - PM
Date: 05 Mar 19 - 10:28 PM
Someone sent me a note, disappointed that Senoufou was leaving the BS forum because she was trounced by another member. So I read most of this thread, and I have to say in this instance that "antediluvian" is not meant unkindly and it does seem rather accurate. Perhaps in the time away from the BS section she will consider that there is a reason people object to the statement that "One is born with either XX or XY chromosomes, and nothing can alter that.
One can dress as one wishes, adopt the appearance of either sex and have whatever sexuality one prefers.
But even a 'sex-change operation' can't alter one's sex."

I've looked for, but can't find (so far) a link to a radio science discussion I heard recently about research that indicates that human gender has the potential to be much more fluid than we understand right now. That the gene fragment that allows fish and frogs to change from female to male, if a population suddenly finds itself without a male, it's in humans also. And it's beginning to look like the "gender" process is far more biologically complicated than 'you're just one thing or another. Period.'
I had deleted this from the thread you posted it in. Mudcat's been wonky, so it didn't get moved until just now (12:44 Mudcat time) --Mod