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Posted By: Backwoodsman
01-Apr-19 - 06:21 AM
Thread Name: Best Guitar for UK folk club?
Subject: RE: Best Guitar for UK folk club?
"For those who don’t know, the bridgepin doesn’t hold the string in place. The ball end should sit in a notch in the bridge plate and the pin simply stops it slipping out.)"

True in a guitar with slotted pin holes (my Martins' pin holes are slotted and have solid, unslotted pins). This is the 'old-fashioned and, IMHO, the best, way. The ball 'locks' under the bridge-plate and cannot 'creep' into the pin-hole.

Not true in guitars with slotted pins and un-slotted holes - which are a huge majority of modern guitars. In those guitars, the ball-end sits against the bridge-plate but the tension on the string causes it to press against the pin - the result is often that the ball pushes the pin aside (especially in a guitar that has tapered pins in a straight-drilled hole) and 'creeps' into the pin-hole, damaging the bridge-plate in so doing.