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Posted By: Steve Shaw
02-Apr-19 - 05:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
Subject: RE: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
As ever, Dick, you just unthinkingly entrench your position, this time with a remarkably unintelligent post (and do note that I'm attacking the post, not the man). I've enjoyed many a pleasant banter with Senoufou, but on this occasion she posted with what looked to me like an unacceptable degree of intolerance, inflexibility and lack of understanding (certainly with a lack of empathy). I addressed that with a level of directness I thought was appropriate and I managed to do it without name-calling. I'm thick-skinned enough to take criticism of that on the chin (I've admitted more than once that I could perhaps have been a bit gentler) but I'm not about to change my mind. I regret her decision to leave and hope that she'll be back soon. Now that's enough of me defending myself. You carry on with the sniping if you like. I'm unimpressed, frankly.