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Posted By: Steve Shaw
05-Apr-19 - 04:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
Subject: RE: BS: Change of sex prior to 18
Characterising someone as antediluvian (or Luddite, or troglodytical, or similar) is at the very mildest end of the lexicon of "insults" levelled on this forum, and, in my view, is far more eyeballingly critical than insulting. And my sentence, the one you quoted, starts with the conditional "if." As in, "if the cap fits..." The invitation there is to defend, modify or correct yourself. She chose instead to take umbrage. I suggest you reread the post that got my goat in the first place and judge again who was being the more insulting. Not as though it's a competition, mind.

I'm perfectly happy to accept that Senoufou's persona here is fifty times more lovable than mine (I could try harder but will probably stay as I am), but be fair.

Good post there, Mr Red. An argument I've often made myself. Sadly, though, my enthusiasm for athletics has melted away because the irrational part of me suspects that everyone involved is on drugs. Cycling, even more so.