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Posted By: Helen
07-Apr-19 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Oh happy day! Retirement
Subject: RE: BS: Oh happy day! Retirement
I couldn't have put it better myself, McGrath of Harlow. My Dad retired and started getting serious about wood turning, just for his own entertainment, not to sell things. He went to various groups and events if he felt like it and stayed home, pottering about in his shed when he didn't. Both my parents were very clever, creative, could try making anything and be good at it. He was a motor mechanic, she trained at TAFE (it was called Tech, i.e. Technical College back then) in dressmaking and some tailoring. My sister and I have pretty much followed in their footsteps and also added playing music to the list of our creative pursuits.

Retirement has always been for our family a way to finally be ourselves without other things, people, managers etc getting in the way of that. The good bits without the boring bits and the capability to go out and find what we need, e.g. social contacts or like-minded creative groups if and when we want.

SRS, no that would be most women's reason for a gap but I married late and had no children. I left my secure library job which I enjoyed to go to an insecure but interesting other job and then hated the long driving trips around the state - NSW, Oz is a BIG state, especially when you are driving - and then I was doing casual or temporary jobs for about 10 years until the financial stress forced me to find a permanent job in 2005 which would guarantee that I could pay the mortgage etc.

You're right, though. Why has it taken so long to start recognising unpaid domestic and/or caring work as being every bit as important as paid employment? And there is usually a delay between recognising a social need and making it a reality, so I'm not holding my breath on how long that recognition turns into financial recognition.