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Posted By: GUEST, Dan
11-Apr-19 - 12:22 AM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Hot Ash-Pelt (Hot Asphalt)
Subject: RE: DTStudy: Hot Ash-Pelt (Hot Asphalt)
Below is the version I got from Ed Sheldon at a local jam session in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'd guess this version started with Ewan Maccoll's version, but some lines have been added that I haven't seen elsewhere.

It wasn't very long ago that I left my town
And joined a gang of navvies laying asphalt down
Now I wear a Gernsey and around my waist a belt
I'm the gaffer of the boys that lay the hot asphalt.

You can talk about yer soldiers, sailors, and the rest,
Shoemakers and tailors they love their women best,
Devil to them all that have the heavy heart to melt,
You can find me at the boiler pouring hot asphalt.

We laid it in the hollows and laid it in the flat,
If it don't last forever, I swear I'll eat me hat,
I've traveled up and down this world and sure I've never felt
Any surface that can equal hot asphalt.

You talk about yer concrete and the boys that push the trowel
And the fellas on the hopper in wind and rain so foul,
But the boys that lay the black top why you ought to see them swelt,
When they're working on the highway laying hot asphalt.


The women they're a-looking, and you know what's on their mind
When the shirts are off their backs, they're checking their behinds.
I guess it's only natural, but they walk away with guilt
When they're looking at the worker laying hot asphalt.