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Posted By: MikeL2
15-Apr-19 - 11:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
Subject: RE: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
hi steve

I agree with you about the difference in the two approaches by the two top sides.

From a purely spectators' view, there was no doubt about which game was the best to watch....Liverpool.

But from a perspective of winning the League and other trophies, City played to economise on effort for the players and of course to try to avoid injuries and suspensions.

I would say that City controlled their game in a very clever way
after they had taken an early lead.

Liverpool played a much more physical game and Chelsea responded to make it a very watchable game. The highlight was the display of diving by Salah and Hazard !!!! lol

And yet again I was thrilled to watch Salah as he scored that fantastic goal ....fantastic in the way he scored it but also by the fact that he did it at the time when Chelsea were beginning to look dangerous. This goal knocked the stuffing out of them.

The other highlight for me was Clop's reaction to mo's goal. I thought his arm was going to come off the way he tried to punch the sky.

All in all great entertainment. But I don'nt think the Liverpool fans were any more happy than City's ???