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Posted By: Janie
15-Apr-19 - 01:55 PM
Thread Name: Obit: farewell message from Amos Jessup
Subject: RE: Obit: Amos Jessup farewell
It was a perfect gathering to remember and celebrate Amos.

Many people shared a song or a poem chosen to commemorate their experience of Amos. There were a few Mudcatters and Getaway folks who were able to be physically present, and that, of course was a special delight to me. All of them shared songs that had the whole crowd singing along on the chorus.

Chance (Fortunato) and Susette Shiver had me in tears, and everyone in full throat on the chorus, doing Tom Paxton's "Ramblin' Boy." What a perfect song selection, eh? And Chance read a poem Micca had written to honor Amos.

Lucy Goldberg sang "Back Home Again," again a song that everyone joined in on the chorus.

Abby Sale also chose a song that not only had he and Amos sung together, but with a chorus familiar so that all joined in, "I Ride an Old Paint."

Dani wrote some new verses and sang "Will the Circle Be Unbroken". Again, the place filled with the sound of voices joining in on the chorus.

Derek Lane, who West River Getaway folks will know, did a powerful rendition of "We'll Camp A Little While In The Wilderness."

These all stood out to me, not only because of our common ties to Amos that began with either Mudcat or the Getaway, but because all those folks chose songs with choruses that everyone could join, which is the musical context in which I first met Amos in 3D, a Getaway at Ramblewood. So, for me, it was not just celebrating Amos, but celebrating this community.

That is not typically the music scene here, which is more geared to open mics and jam sessions instead of song circles. Amos was comfortable and sought out all kinds of music and gatherings of musicians and/or poets, and his many newer friends made after he moved to Hillsborough also offered lovely songs and poems. As all of those of us who knew him either through this virtual community or in 3D know, Amos had a real gift for connecting quickly with people in an authentic manner. That was abundantly apparent at this large, diverse gathering of people.