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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
17-Apr-19 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
Heavy weather predicted here this afternoon and overnight. I think before that hits I'll get the close-up photos of my yard iris collection that is at it's peak now, and won't be after a rain storm. Too bad it is drizzling now; when it's sunny and the lawn is freshly mown they look fabulous.

This week I've made forays into one particular shelf in the office closet, but there is so much more in there to address. Christmas ornaments that haven't been used in years, boxes full of slides and prints and packages of archival housing for slides and negatives that haven't been used yet. Soft backpacks, tote bags, some camping stuff. Personal items that used to live at my university office and now are boxed here. Part of Spring Cleaning seems to be riding that impulse to get rid of a lot of the redundant unused but otherwise functional stuff. And eBay. There is a lot that needs to be photographed, measured, described, packed, and listed.

One thing about being retired - there are probably 6 to 12 times a year in the working-person's life around here when the weather is such that one has to wait out the storm at work or leave early and still have a really difficult drive. I don't miss pulling onto the shoulder of a highway and watching the rainwater fill in the adjacent ditch, hoping the deluge stops before I have to move out of the way of the rising water and back into slow-moving traffic on the highway. It's still possible to have to drive in nasty weather, but not as often.