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Posted By: Nick
25-Apr-19 - 09:00 AM
Thread Name: Making folk club recordings available
Subject: RE: Making folk club recordings available

I think it's lovely that you have loads of things that are treasures. I think - your motive is to share something that otherwise would be gone forever.

Whether the stuff actually has value apart from existing is a different thing I think

Who do you want to share these things with? My guess is the people who might be interested rather than everyone.

What has changed is 'those who might be interested' and 'everyone' have become the same thing

Which then goes back to "how do I sort out everything" when everything is growing faster than you evaluate it.

And most of it is shit.

And so we look to google or bigger and bigger things to decide what we should look at. etc etc

When I found the internet around 1998/9 I used to be all over the place (surfing I think). After a few years I found I went to very few places.

Having access to everything is a great thought but has its own dangers

Look at your internet cache for this month and compare it to last months (or last years). With access to everything the world doesn't get easier