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Posted By: Jim Carroll
26-Apr-19 - 08:14 AM
Thread Name: Ireland's Favourite Folk Song
Subject: RE: Ireland's Favourite Folk Song
Unless George Gershwin changed his job in midstream, the beautiful 'Summertime' is as far from the output of 'broadside hacks' as you can get
Popularity has nothing to do with songs being passed through a process to become traditional
The fact that it remains the property of the Gershwin estate means it can never be claimed by the folk - it is not a folk song if the term 'folk' is to mean anything - sorry   
I was making a point - not trying to start a 'what is folk' argument
Of all places, Ireland tends to not have the problem of identifying traditional songs and music that Britain now appears to have
The media is a different kettle of fish
Jim Carroll