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Posted By: Jim Carroll
27-Apr-19 - 05:54 AM
Thread Name: Ireland's Favourite Folk Song
Subject: RE: Ireland's Favourite Folk Song
"RTE didn't do that, so the whole thing is ridiculous."
I agree
" I don't believe in such definitions "
That's ridiculous as well - folk song is a closely researched and documented Musical/poetic form of creation - to say you 'don't believe in that sort of thing' flies in the face of logic
The folk scene was based on a specific type of music and it produced some incredible and long lasting results in printed and aural form
If you thin a long rejected pop song is suitable for a folk club you and I live on separate planets
You insist on making it "my definition" - it isn't - it's the documented definition which happens to suit me
I see a future in an Irish scene that has come to recognise the importance of its folk traditions - I see a rapidly declining British folk scene that puts up the same arguments as you do
Your personal tastes atre of no interest to me as mine should be of no interest to you
I'm attempting to document a lifetime's work in folk arts as internationally agreed on in order to make it available for future generations (as entertainment and as social history) - I'm no longer sure what the English scene is trying to achieve by by`digging up hackneyed comic songs that have about as much chance attracting a young audience as does be-bop or The Charleston
JIm Carroll