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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
27-Apr-19 - 07:05 AM
Thread Name: Ireland's Favourite Folk Song
Subject: RE: Ireland's Favourite Folk Song
anybody who can describe Ed Sheeran as a folk singer deserves everything they get

Made up nonsense, Jim, and you know it. I said I would be happy to listen too a couple of Ed Sheeran's songs done acoustically at a folk club and I would be happy to hear the man himself performing traditional material at the same venue. I have never described him as a folk singer and challenge you to show where I have. Once again you know you are in the wrong and try to obfuscate the issue with wild inaccurate statements.

Stick to the point. You are happy to take the piss out of Morris dancing yet go ballistic if anyone dare mention wooly jumpers, beards or, heaven forbid, fingers in ears. Why is that? One law for Jim and one for everyone else I guess.