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Posted By: Howard Jones
07-May-19 - 05:42 AM
Thread Name: uk folk clubs high standard
Subject: RE: uk folk clubs high standard
I think the difficulty many of us have as that we don't see evidence of the "takeover" you allege has taken place. You seem to believe that traditional music has been driven out of the folk clubs by more commercial music, but I for one have seen no evidence of this. The range of music I hear performed at folk clubs and other folk events seems to me to be much the same as it was when I was a regular club attender and performer more than 30 years ago. It covers a broad range, but all within what I broadly understand as "folk", Traditional music, together with modern compositions drawing strongly on transnational music, forms a large part. If I notice any difference it is fewer music hall songs and monologues.

It is perhaps true that performance styles have evolved and, especially at the professional level, have become more sophisticated. There is a danger that this can become a barrier to the music itself, although I think most performers manage to avoid this. At club level, it seems to be still mostly singer-with-guitar, so no change there.

I'm not claiming that covers of pop songs are never heard at folk clubs, but these are not representative of the typical folk club repertoire.

Likewise, I hadn't noticed any sea-change in the type of music being performed in the clubs I went to up to the time in the late 1980s when I stopped attending regularly. This is the time when the decline in the number of clubs had begun. I have already given my own reasons for no longer attending, which were due to necessity rather than choice and had nothing at all to do with the music.