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Posted By: Helen
09-May-19 - 09:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Elderly electrical appliances
Subject: BS: Elderly electrical appliances
Hi all,

I know Murphy's Law will kick in as soon as I create this thread, but I have a microwave oven which I bought in 1982 and it is still going strong. No problems, no leaking of harmful rays, still "does what it's supposed to" - BTW, that's a musical reference to a song by
Shel Silverstein, Ever Lovin' Machine

"Oh she always did what she was supposed ter right up to this evening but then
She had an affair with the toaster and they ran off and left me again"

Now before I get whacked by the anti-microwave brigade, steamed broccoli in the microwave is the best!! Cut broccoli into florets, put into a microwave safe steamer with a couple of tablespoons of boiling water, secure steamer lid. Steam on high for one minute, check if the broccoli stems are translucent, and if not hit it with up to one more minute only. Magnificent. Just as God/the Creator wanted us to enjoy fresh green vegies. It would make a recalcitrant vegie hating, tantrum throwing child want to throw up their hands and cry, Hallelujah!

So, who else has an electrical appliance which is used frequently but just still keeps going and going?

Hubby's little electric coffee grinder gave up the ghost last week. He reckons it is at least 30 years old or maybe more.

These appliances must have been created before built in obsolescence became a requirement.