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Posted By: robomatic
10-May-19 - 06:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Elderly electrical appliances
Subject: RE: BS: Elderly electrical appliances
I have an ancient microwave which lasted until it started sparking and then I figured out you could find the little mica window through which the waves are sent from the magnatron and clean it up a little. Problem went away. It is a sizable Sharp microwave purchased in Costco over 20 years ago and it has held up like a champ until recently when the rotating table has stopped rotating. Still use it though.

Most ancient is an immersion heater I used to use in my dorm room to heat water for tea or ramen. It was literally a metal loop with a little hanger and wire going to a two prong plug. Nothing could be simpler or more dangerous via simple carelessness. Still works but I don't use it.