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Posted By: Mr Red
11-May-19 - 05:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: Elderly electrical appliances
Subject: RE: BS: Elderly electrical appliances
The wheeze that criminals use is to work in pairs with radios. Bespoke ones obviously but you can get anything for a price. The radios transmit/receive the signals such that distance is the range of the radios not 10 metres.

the fob needs careful use, the other wheeze is to operate a jammer as you leave the car because too many peeps just press the button and don't look/listen to check. Then in the dead of night, or when you are far enough away, they have access to whatever is therein.


If not, then some component might fail next time it switches on
after a period of several months or years of inactivity.

Electrical equipment that has physical contacts might fur up with dust or corrode/tarnish so that the switch/trip doesnt "do". (rare). Regular use ensures rubbing of contacts keeps enough area clean. And anything that physically moves can be affected by similar processes, grease can harden or accumulate dust, so movement is impeded. But then constant use causes wear &/or fatigue so it is damned if you do and damned if you don't.