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Posted By: Steve Gardham
15-May-19 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: seek recording: Bert Lloyd & Peter Kennedy 1951
Subject: RE: seek recording: Bert Lloyd & Peter Kennedy 1951
Thread drift so if this takes off I'll start another thread, but I'm interested in where the name 'Polly Vaughan' comes from.

All of the broadsides name her as Molly Bawn/Bann. The name Polly Vaughan was being used as early as 1907 possibly slightly earlier in the Gardiner Ms. What is curious is that the name 'Vaughan' does not occur in any of the actual songs in the Full English (English) manuscripts. (I didn't bother checking the American ones collected by Sharp as that was done later). Where a surname is given it is either 'One' or 'Bawn' (Whan in a later version) Where did Gardiner get the name 'Vaughan from? Was he thinking of Vaughan Williams? Bert presumably put his influential version together either from the ms or from some printed version that derives from the manuscript. Purslow in publishing his collated version in 'Marrow Bones' stuck with the Gardiner editorial title, but even his collated version with 'Polly' has no mention of a surname.