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Posted By: wysiwyg
15-May-19 - 11:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: US (California) Law Question
Subject: BS: US (California) Law Question
Assume that a nice nonprofit founder hashas generously arranged for a young farmette-operating couple to stay on the nonprofit's property,
in an unused RV, after escaping a wildfire that destroyed the home they had been renting from someone else (and the farmette ^buildings" they'd created for the critters without permission).

The animals that survived the fire are included in this short term kindness, too-- because the NP does farm programming-- as long as the couple reimburses for expenses.

The couple turn out to scam artists and costs are mounting. The couple is asked to leave and to remove the animals, to no avail.

The nonprofit dude then says, about this, "My EC has put a Stop Loss order in place."

I need to understand whether this means that the tenant is about to receive notice that the animals are going to be sold off to to recover the expenses, since the tenants haven't kept the agreement, have damaged the RV, have not returned calls to resolve any of it, and have zero income prospects.

The NP dude can't explain this right now, and Google only gave me stock market trading results. (As in financial investing, not livestock.)

Can any legal beagle help? (Of course I hope it does mean that.)