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Posted By: Gozz
17-May-19 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: Looking to replace Octave Mandolin
Subject: RE: Looking to replace Octave Mandolin
Hi Mike,

As a player of one myself and with some knowledge of the UK luthiers I am guessing you mean that Colin Kendall made the one you sadly lost. So that also gives me some idea about the price range and quality you are looking for. Mine is a David Oddy, but as he is no longer with us I am not sure whether his son Nick, is making these to order. I get the impression that he is concentrating on David's design of a Mandocello.

I previously had a Thomas Buchanan one with a fixed bridge, but there were issues with the angle of attack from the inner row of pins to the saddle, causing strings to often break there.

A friend has a Fylde Touchstone model which is very nice indeed, but perhaps brighter in overall sound than my Oddy, but we have different styles of play and different voices which we use them to accompany, so each to their own.

I have owned a Hathway Bouzouki and that was nice, so worth considering. Mine wasn't made to my spec - he just invited me to visit and let me try what he currently had.

There is a new Ivor Pickard currently available on ebay, secondhand. I had a try of a Pickard instrument some years ago and liked the quality of the build.

Best of luck.