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Posted By: CupOfTea
24-May-19 - 11:02 AM
Thread Name: I hate the cajon.
Subject: RE: I hate the cajon.
Put me in the "detest" category until/unless I meet up with a skilled player. My reaction has much of the same foundation as folks who can't stand bodhran, bones, or spoons players: exposure to a prepondeance of unskilled players agressively inserting themselves in sessions. I've known some very fine rhythm players on all of these, and inherited a bodhran from one. I rarely play it in public because I need to work with it for a month or so to remember what to do. At Irish sessions around here we have a VERY skilled bodhran player who enchanted me with a soft accompaniment to a waltz.

Many beginner or incompetent players don't have the sense (or self awareness) to NOT insert themselves where inappropriate or unwanted, but cajon players have two aspects that make them a menace. They are LOUD, and that loudness coupled with someone not playing appropriate rhythm can throw a whole group off. The drum sets the pace, want to or not.

A monthly mixed song/ tune session I enjoy has a fine array of regulars. A fine guitar player has a wife who brings a cajon and bangs it loudly without skill. It is rude to me to be beating out a loud 4/4 time when I am trying to sing a quiet song in 3/4 - throws me off, as I am used to playing with folks who understand rhythmic underpinnings. Though the group tradition is that everyone (who is able) can play/sing along, her obliviousness to her inability has forced me to say "this isn't one for a drum" - making ME look rude & arrogant, when I'm just trying to not mess up myself.

Joanne in Cleveland who someday hopes to conquer bodhran, bones and spoons.