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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
26-May-19 - 01:05 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
Every year I have to improve garage ventilation also. The dogs don't spend time out there now, though the fenced-off kennel/stall is still there (maybe the diagram will hold it's shape and give a simple diagram of the garage)


The stall is built to surround that back door of the garage, and there are still two large plastic dog houses in there, one will bedding in case one of them decides to seek shelter there (on the occasion they are accidentally locked out of the house, for example). I also have a couple of stacks of large boxes in there since the dogs don't need the space.

The rest of the garage is for the vehicle and around the sides, storage, mower, work bench, etc. When I open the window over the workbench (squiggles at top) and the garage door is opened about 2", the garage stays much cooler. And I work out there sometimes in the summer, so it isn't just for the dogs. That side door has a dog flap, so there is always some flow there also. The corral is put together with two pre-fab fence panels. One was cut in half and attached to a stud on the unfinished wall, and the full-length one is attached and reinforced at a 90o angle so it is parallel to the garage wall and ends at the step up at the back of the garage. There is a 2x4" piece of lumber half-way down this that supports the fence (it's screwed into the top cross-member of the panel and is about 3' high - when I clean in there I have to work around it.) There are two hinges attached to the end of the long fence panel and the remaining 1/2 panel has been reinforced with two 2x4' pieces and has two castors screwed onto the base. There is a gate latch on it, and I've built a frame out from the window wall beside the workbench to let the gate latch onto. It isn't solid wood, it's like a big slot and a folded (four-sided) kennel is tucked down into that slot. It keeps the dogs in the kennel if I need them to stay. Before I built that last bit that the gate latches to I just kept boxes stacked there to block them from entering the garage. Poppy used to push over the boxes to go chase mice. Ah, the good old days! She usually pushed over my smoker in the process, but it still works.

The girls observed the unspoken rule of "we won't dash out of the kennel when the garage door opens," but for a period of time after the Labrador retriever Zeke arrived I was mostly parking the truck on the driveway, and if I opened the garage door he would race around the gate and out to meet me. Our routine became me stopping, opening a door to let him hop in and ride into the garage, then I would close the door and let him out of the pickup. I finally built the final solid part of the kennel to prevent him from doing that. I know this sounds confusing, but if any part of that construction story is helpful to Susan, that's why I shared it.

It's somewhat overcast today, so more garden work.