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Posted By: Allan Conn
30-May-19 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: Review: Bloodthirsty & lusty Scots musical movie
Subject: RE: Review: Bloodthirsty & lusty Scots musical movie
I am not sure what kind of accent you think Bruce should be shown with then? A modern Essex accent perhaps? And why just Bruce - what about King Edward?? Obviously the Scots are shown with Scottish accents and the English with English accents just to make it easy for modern audiences. Why bother about how lead characters are speaking when surely the main thing is how all the characters are shown!! In Bruce's time many of the Scots would have spoken Older Scots and/or Gaelic and not modern English with Scottish accents. Bruce himself yes was Anglo-Norman on his paternal side but on his maternal side he was of Gaelic extraction. Likewise in Mary's time. Mary yes she would have spoken mainly French but when she was in Scotland among her subjects she would have spoken her 16thC Scots just like her son James VI did and her father James V did and the other Scots who weren't speaking Gaelic did. She probably would have sounded quite strange especially to English ears if she spoke in her Scots with a heavy French accent. She suggested herself how difficult it was for Scots and English speakers to communicate at first until they got used to the differences. She tried in 1581 to procure Jesuit priests to attempt to convert James back to Catholicism, and was dismayed when two English priests were chosen to go to the Royal Court in Edinburgh,complaining that as well as the animosity between the peoples the two were "foreigners who could do not much good as they would not understand the language" So unless one wants truly authentic 14thC or 16thC dialogue for all the characters, with the subtitles that would probably entail, then it seems sensible that they'd be given modern Scottish and English accents to differentiate them in the viewers eyes!