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Posted By: Iains
11-Jun-19 - 10:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
I guess I will have to grovel. I had it fixed in my mind you were using a nom de plume of Mr Robinson whom I have frequently been accused of supporting.

If we are going to disregard journalists because of drunk driving, bankruptcy and other failings and not gauge their worth by their editorial content, why hold politicians in such high esteem? Were you not one of those arguing they were mighty men like men of yore, much more qualified to make decisions than the little people. One quite happily admits to having used class One drugs, one has been booted out for perverting the course of justice,several are subject to possible recall procedures because of lying to their electorate and labour MPs have been accused of antisemitism. I would suggest their feet of clay are far more hydrated than those of Mr Guido.
Let us look at Mr Gove,a PM hopeful.
After the revelation that Gove was sniffing lines of cocaine whilst writing lines attacking middle-class cocaine use, rival campaigns are now trawling through Gove’s Times articles looking for interesting policy positions. One that was passed to Guido is particularly appealing and would likely go down a treat with a large segment of the Tory membership. “Bring back hanging”, a classic vote winner with Tory members if there ever was one!
Chucklebuttie having her kids educated in public schools, with
Diane Abbot, Emily Thornberry and Seumas Milne sending their children to selective state schools, while Angela Rayner blasted the Government’s plans for a new model of grammar schools insisting they “do not improve social mobility” and are “not good for our education system”. Classic labour hypocrisy there I am afraid. Dachas for the elite, the gulags for the hoipolloi

Your outrage would appear most exceedingly selective,but then blinkers are a by product of wearing lefty rose tinted specs.
Too much gruniard addles the brain!